Dear body,

Thank you for getting over this cold so quickly. I’m not sure what I did that helped you the most, but whatever it is I’m sure glad I did. Basically, you rock. I don’t feel 100% yet but when I’m usually battling a cold for a week, 1 day of miserable and 2 or 3 days of meh seems completely reasonable to me. I don’t know whether to credit the faster recovery to my immune system or the echinacea but I’m guessing it was a team effort.

I get a lot of questioning looks when I say how much I swear by echinacea because studies about its effectiveness have been so inconclusive (mostly because there are so many different forms that echinacea takes and many of the studies have been done using varying forms) but I find that I feel a little less miserable when I start drinking it at the first sign of an oncoming cold. I’m in the “okay so maybe it doesn’t help prevent colds but it certainly may help alleviate and shorten symptoms” camp. I guess it seems weird that a future doctor would so strongly believe in an herb but I am always up for trying the natural route first and then going the medicine route if that doesn’t work. I only had to take cold medicine twice during my (so far) 3 days of being sick. Much better than popping a pill every 4 hours, if you ask me.

I’m also glad that I have been able to feed you, body. In the past I was always afraid to feed my sick self because I didn’t want to “get fat”. And I’d be lying if some of those same fear didn’t linger. But I happily snacked on English muffins, oranges, and fruit bars all day long yesterday and then ate a ginormous dinner of stir fry veggies and soup. I think my ED died a little this weekend. I showed it who’s boss. And when it kept saying, “I don’t know if you should eat that orange/another English muffin” I said, “well, I’d like to get better faster so I am going to give my body the energy it needs.” Hallelujah!

Basically, body, I am thankful that you are relatively healthy and working properly. No more weak immune system because I’m not eating right or taking multivitamins. Nope, I treated you right and you, in turn, have treated me right. And I am oh so very grateful for that.



One thought on “Dear body,

  1. I’ve been getting some wicked headaches lately. I’m hoping to write my body a thank-you letter soon as well but right now it’s getting some hate mail. 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better!

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