So very excited.


Because tomorrow is my last day of productivity before spring break. Turns out there is a light at the end of this incredibly busy tunnel! I have a feeling that wine will be had.

And really, all I have to do is take an exam, run, pack and clean my looks-like-a-tornado-hit apartment.

Then it’s off to a relaxing evening with the boy, followed by a week with my parents and no responsibilities.

I cannot wait.

Spring break often makes me wonder how I’ll make it in the real world…I mean, if I can’t go 2 full months of no breaks after the winter holidays are up, how in the world am I going to survive with a real world job? Eek. But then I realize I would probably have a psychotic breakdown if it weren’t for spring break next week and count my lucky stars that I am not a true member of the working world as of yet.


I plan to catch up on sleep, reading, relaxation, and eat lots of delicious (and paid for by my parents) food. Most people jet off for tropical vacations but all I really need is a comfy bed and lots of free time…even if that does require me to fly to a colder region of the country. Because nothing beats getting taken care of by the lovely ‘rents for a week. Nothing. Especially after how hectic these past few weeks have been.

What are you planning on doing for spring break? Or, if you don’t get one, what would you do?

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