Tuesday Confessional

1. Being home is great but it’s also really hard on my ED. I know exactly how I have to eat so that a total meltdown doesn’t occur and that is much harder at home, when food is always readily available. My family also has some bizarre eating habits, but that is an entirely different confession.

2. I finally told the boy about my history and it made me feel a lot better to know that he’s on my side. I was terrified to tell him but I’m not sure why I waited so long because it proved to be extraordinarily helpful.

3. I could go to Whole Foods every day (I know, a strange 3rd confession considering what my first one was)…even if it’s just to look around. But my next purchase will be vitamins…and a huge salad from the salad bar. Yum.

4. I have turned into a cold weather wimp. I can handle the cold a lot better than the majority of southerners but the idea of running outside in temps lower than 40 makes me cringe. Hence going around to every gym in town and using their 7-day free passes.

5. I should be working on my papers (I have 2 due at the start of April) but I have a feeling that is not going to happen. I needed a break so desperately and I think that taking the week off will leave me refreshed and ready to work super hard once I get back to school.

6. (a bonus confession!) I have become a lot more conscious of the amount of resources I use and the fact that I am so out of the habit of recycling. I’d like to have a lower impact on the environment but I’m really not sure of how to go about it since I hardly eat meat, I tend not to drive tons, and it’s hard to avoid flying because I need to do so in order to get home.

How do you feel about the “green” movement? I think a lot of it is geared towards consumers who don’t really bother to educate themselves but I guess a little effort is better than none.


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