Dealing with disappointment

I’ve been getting a lot of mediocre news as of late. Not bad, per se, but meh enough that I finally broke down and cried today.


Thankfully I’ve been getting a lot better at dealing with bad-ish news because I’ve (finally) realized that it’s not the end of the world. I’ve still got the boy, my health, my family, and my pajamas and there’s not much else that I really truly need in life (other than maybe my favorite pair of running shoes and chocolate…and I guess running clothes, since running naked is probably both painful for me and for those watching…)

How I deal with disappointment:

Run. Sometimes a long, slower run is all I need to get calm again. Sometimes a speed workout is needed to curb the edge. But either way, running always helps.

Eat delicious and healthy food. After I got my dose of meh news today, my mom and I hightailed it to my favorite sandwich shop, where I got tomato and mozzarella on flatbread and some super crunchy kettle chips (alright, not so healthy but definitely delicious)

Drink warm liquid. I sucked down a huge decaf coffee at lunch and am now working on some warm herbal tea. There’s just something about tea that is so comforting.

Put on pajamas. Being comfy is relaxing and relaxing means maybe less stress. Or at least comfort to better deal with the stress.

Talk about it. Venting isn’t always beneficial but it’s better than beating yourself up internally.

Cry. I’m a crier. Some days all I need is a good 5 minute sob and I’m good as gold for the rest of the day.

Watch lame/funny TV. On tap for this afternoon is Top Chef and That 70s Show. Perfect.

How do you deal with disappointment?


2 thoughts on “Dealing with disappointment

  1. I honestly am such a crier. I ration that my tears are half of joy and happiness and half of sadness but nonetheless… *i’m sensitive* Running is such a blessing.

    Oh…and I crave flatbread like no other when I’m looking for comfort food.

    I thought I should also let you know that while my blog is busy and colorful and sometimes hectic…I really appreciate coming to your blog and feeling like I just had a conversation and a sip of tea. I realize that I don’t even know what you look like!

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