Going Green

St. Patty’s Day is all about green.

Green shamrocks, green clothes (or else I’ll pinch you!!), green beads, green bagels, green beer, green everything.

Well, except for the environment.

(I’m a bleeding heart, I know)

And since I know I’ll be out wearing green and drinking beer tonight, I decided that I should balance that out with some green habits that I have added to my life.

Wash dishes by hand. It takes more time (and I really don’t have another choice…I have no dishwasher at the moment) but it uses less water than that giant machine.

Only do laundry when I have a full load. I used to wash my running clothes separately from everything else but I would end up doing so much laundry in a week.

Recycle. This has been harder to get in the habit of because I have to walk the recycling all the way down to the basement of my building (yes, I am that lazy sometimes). My city doesn’t do recycling pick-up unless you pay, though, so I am lucky that my apartment building even has recycling receptacles.

Reuse. Do I sound like a recycling commercial yet? Whenever I get those plastic containers from the grocery store I always wash them out and use them for my own purposes. One time I used a cereal bag to carry sandwiches. This is also because I am a broke college student, but using things for more than their first, intended purpose helps.

Buy recycled things: recycled paper towels, recycled notebooks, recycled toilet paper. I only just started doing this and, in reality, I should be using far fewer paper products, but I figure recycled is at least a step in the right direction.

Unplug things when you’re not using them. Hello, power drainers.

Don’t buy new things unless you need them. Perceived obsolescence is a powerful thing. I find myself drawn to shiny new phones even though the one I have now works perfectly fine.

Educate yourself. This has been my main tool. I’ve been reading, watching, and absorbing every sort of green information that I possibly can; movies like Food, Inc or 180* South are eyeopening, website like Grist.org and Treehugger.com are full of wonderful information, and there are countless books about “going green”.

Do you make any attempts to go green? Honestly, I’m put off by the large consumerism aspect of it, but that’s an entirely different post. Have a lovely St. Patrick’s Day evening!


One thought on “Going Green

  1. We are a pretty green family I’d say. Ryan gets on me about leaving on lights!! I’m working on it though! We garden…We use reusable bags, reuse or upgrade or recycle anything we can. Ryan studies permaculture so he truly believes that everything has a balance and purpose so we re-use a lot of things! We hand wash dishes here too!

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