Takin’ a rest day

I started this morning with a delicious vegan oat bran muffin, I’m spending the day with my dad, some delicious veggie pizza, and salads/St. Patty’s Day Guiness with my gal pals.

I’m thrilled, but also slightly anxious.

I know I shouldn’t be. Pizza is delicious, so is Guinness. And my legs clearly need a rest day. Rest days are just as important as hard workouts…I would even go as far as saying that they might be more important. Because without rest days, your muscles can’t heal and you can’t become a better runner. And carbs are amazing fuel for my runs. This is what I tell myself.

But there’s always that little voice shouting, “you’re going to turn into a little fluff-bot”.

Um, yeah. No.

I fully recognize that this type of thinking is ridiculous and irrational. But after so many years of disordered habits, it’s hard to let the normal seep in…no matter how badly I want it.

It’s so hard to separate what I eat and how much I run from my self-worth. Janae wrote a great post about this last night.

I am not a 6 mile run or a gargantuan salad. But a veggie munching runner is how I see myself. What am I without running? Well, I’m an awesome girlfriend, a loving daughter, an environmentally conscious nature lover, a book nerd, a baker of delicious muffins, and a future doctor. Clearly I have tons going for me other than running and veggies. So much.

So why are those two things so completely prominent, and overpowering even, in my life? Not cool, Maria, not cool.

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!! How are you celebrating (or are you celebrating at all?) I’m not Irish but I am a lover of all things Irish.

Also, how do you find balance between your hobbies and the “rest” of your life?


2 thoughts on “Takin’ a rest day

  1. Today is a relax day for me too! I’m picking up some Guiness on the way home and I’m going to LOVE every second of it. DO THE SAME. 🙂 Heck, get crazy and do an Irish Car Bomb. lol You are NOT going to turn into a fluff bot. You already know this. Because you’re smart. Like…doctor smart. 🙂

    • Mmm, Irish car bombs. So politically incorrect, yet so delicious. I’m not the DD tonight so I’m pretty sure my friends are going to make sure I get some shots into me.

      I can’t even explain how lovely your comments are! Thank you!

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