Sound mind, sound body

I’m a Saucony kind of gal but I have a weak spot for the whole “sound mind sound body” ad campaign of Asics. Mostly because it’s true.

If your mind is happy, your body will follow. And vice versa. If I’m happy, or at least optimistic, my life balances out. The power of relaxation and positive thinking is truly amazing.

Last night was spectacular. I ate a ginormous cobb salad, drank an even more GINORMOUS Guinness, and finished off the night by splitting a brownie and scoop of ice cream.

The best part of the night? I had no idea how many calories I consumed. I wasn’t stuffed and I listened to my body. Honestly, I was having too much fun laughing hysterically and being tipsy to even worry about my crazy insecurities for more than a millisecond.

I call that a massive success.

(I would also say that simply talking about my problems, even through blog format, is a massive success because talking is the first step to completely healing!)

This morning, however, my body is screaming for cereal in skim milk, cleansing tea, a long run, and Kombucha. Proof that everything truly does balance out in the end when I listen to my body’s whispers.

Does talking things out help you? How does your body ask for balance?


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