Ten ways I break the rules

I never considered myself to be a rule breaker growing up. I always did what I was supposed to, got good grades, listened to my parents. But now that I’m older, I realize that maybe I’m not some “bad girl” but I am a little unconventional in some respects. And basically, it rocks.

{I got this idea from Kate’s awesome blog}

1. I run on the treadmill even when it’d be warm enough to run outside. I live close to campus so unless I left at the crack of dawn, I’d have to make it through an insane amount of traffic.

2. I wash my running clothes in the shower after I run. And do that many times over before I throw them in the washer. It saves laundry quarters!

3. I hate talking on the phone. I feel like that’s breaking a vital “girl rule” but I would much rather text or email…probably because I can be doing other things as I am communicating.

4. I don’t really enjoy eating meat. That’s becoming more and more accepted in the U.S. but in my family I still feel like I have to explain why I’m choosing not to. Lame.

5. I drink decaf coffee. Totally breaking the college student’s rule. But I feel a billion times better when I’m not hyped up on caffeine. I am, however, planning on caffeinating myself tomorrow morning since I have to be up at the crack of dawn for a 6 am flight.

6. I do however put Splenda or Truvia into my coffee. Yum. I used to drink my coffee with only cream but Panera coffee just isn’t delicious enough to do that.

7. I wash my hair every other day. My hair is thick and curly and gets way too dry if I wash it every day so shower caps have become my best friend.

8. I love beer. It seems a lot of girls I meet think beer is nasty but I think it is super delicious and I have no problem drinking it straight outta the bottle, which disgusts my mom but I don’t think it makes me any less classy…

9. I hate when other people do my laundry. I know having a laundry-doer is a dream of many people but I am so particular and hate when other people touch my things.

10. As long as I am in a fully-committed relationship, I don’t need a ring on my finger. I mean, I love diamonds but I don’t think marriage is necessary to “prove my love”…another thing that disgusts my mom. Oh well, such is life.

What rules do you break?


One thought on “Ten ways I break the rules

  1. While I work with the LAW I still have a hard time with RULES…unless I’m the one imposing them. Hah!

    I love beer from the bottle. I HATE talking on the phone but could email back and forth all day long or chat the day away in person! I’ve been living with Ryan and raising a family with him for the past two years and right now the only ring I’m wearing is a chunky gold flower ring that cost probably $7 from Charlotte Rousse. Even if we ever do get married…I’m partial to rubies. 🙂 Have a great weekend Maria!

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