Waste less, want less

After my trip to the grocery store this afternoon, I decided to clean out my cluttered fridge.

I was appalled by my wastefulness.

Not only was the back of the fridge littered with half-full salsa jars, but my produce compartment put me to shame; moldy broccoli florets and sweet potatoes should not be happening.

I know I have an overstocked freezer, but wasting of perishable foods is an entirely different ballgame.

And I’m not okay with it. I was taught to never waste food and the level of food wasting in my tiny apartment is getting to an unnecessary level. The boy seems to never have a fully stocked fridge because he’ll finish everything before he runs to the store to stock up on more cheese or chicken. And that is what I want to do.

Enter Operation Waste Less. This is extra important to me right now because in two months I will be moving out of my apartment and the last thing I want to do is toss out food simply because I just didn’t consume it in time…and it is important for my wallet. I paid for those moldy veggies with valuable cash so they should have gotten into my belly!

Rules for this week:

1. No more boxed cereal until all of the boxes I currently have are empty

2. Eat at least one meal containing food from my strangely large freezer stockpile (and if you saw my freezer, you’d be amazed at this gravitational feat…it is the tiniest freezer possible in a full size fridge yet I have more food packed in there than one could imagine…it’s the clown car of freezers)

3. If I must grocery shop, it should only be for toiletries, vegetables, or things that I have completely run out of

Do you find yourself wasting a lot of food? I’m trying to become more conscious about my consuming and today’s fridge cleaning served as a terrifying wakeup call.


2 thoughts on “Waste less, want less

  1. I am always sort of afraid to open the bottom drawer of my fridge– unfortunately it’s where forgotten vegetables go to die. I’ve been trying to make a routine of keeping perishables on the top shelf, in plain view, and being sure to check the recesses of my fridge before grocery shopping. I’d love to see your gravity-defying freezer! 🙂

    • Keeping veggies in plain sight is a good idea. Maybe then I’d remember to cook them before they were moldy enough to get up and walk away on their own!

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