Mad puffy

I feel a little (code for a lot) puffy this morning after a night of overindulgence and under-hydration.

Thank goodness it’s warm enough out to suck down cold water and iced tea and kombucha.

When I’ve had setbacks in the past, I would wake up the next morning and “punish” my body for my poor mistakes; i.e. lots of running, very little food consumption. Thankfully, over time, I’ve learned healthier ways to combat bad decisions like by drinking lots of water, tea, kombucha, and (my new favorite) steaz…as well as focusing on fruits and vegetables. But basically I like to make my day as “normal” as possible so I don’t fall into the never-ending cycle of binging.

But while i’m glad that I’ve developed healthy coping for after the fact, I’m still working on the before. Because if I could stop the bad habits before they even began, that would be ideal.

In other news, it’s the first day back after spring break. Time to start writing papers!

How do you deal with your bad habits?


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