Tuesday confessional

1. The reason that I often say “no” to riding bikes with the boy is traffic. To get from my apartment to where we meet up to ride is probably some of the most horrendous traffic in town. So I make him come pick me up from my apartment…

2. It looks like I’ll be staying at my current school to continue my studies and I’m starting to become more and more comfortable with it. I thought I would be extremely upset, and I was for a bit, but then I realized how well where I live now fits my personality. I will definitely be moving apartments, however.

3. I always have to watch an episode of Weeds, The Big Bang Theory, or The New Adventures of Old Christine in bed before I fall asleep. I know “they” say not to watch TV in bed but it helps me get all comfy and cozy.

4. I really enjoy “spring purgatory”. It’s the time when everything is blooming and turning green and it’s warm enough for sandals but it doesn’t feel like the surface of a frying pan yet. Really, as long as I can wear sandals and a dress I’m okay with throwing on a sweater. Plus the dogwood trees are beautiful this time of year.

5. I always have my toenails painted some variation of pink or red. Always. Year around.

Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday confessional

  1. Ryan would appreciate if I rode bikes with him much more frequently. It’s definitely the traffic that stops me most of the time. If we’re talking trails…sure! Sidewalks in the city…nope. I’m deathly afraid of getting hit. I would watch shows before bed but I never make it past two minutes before crashing. 🙂

    • When we’re riding, the boy is much more afraid of cars than I am (I’ve been riding a lot longer than he has) but when it comes to going down main roads I just can’t do it!

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