Decisions, decisions

Friday night was rough, Saturday night was better, Sunday has been the best.

Not for any particular reason, other than I finally stopped being so hard on myself and made an apartment decision.

I’ve been agonizing over this decision for about a week now, when I was informed by my first choice apartment complex that I was number one on the waitlist.

Cue panic, mostly because I hadn’t even thought about apartment searches yet…let alone look at other apartments. So I frantically began searching for my holy grail apartment only to end up right where I started, at the apartment complex where I’m number one on the waitlist.

I mean, I can lease a washer/dryer (HUGE selling point), it’s centrally located around all of the places I frequent, it’s newly renovated, has a gym and a cafe with free coffee and tea, and is more than twice the size of my dinky studio apartment. Even better is that the windows and appliances are all energy efficient, recycling is located on the premises, and it’s far enough away from campus that I’ll never have to deal with football crowds again should I choose not to.

Basically, it is my holy grail of apartments and searching was so stressful because I knew I wouldn’t find a place that could compete.

I feel like weights have been lifted off my shoulders now that I’ve decided I want to move in there once my lease at my current apartment is up. It also means that I get to start browsing furniture deals (since my current apartment is furnished). I almost wish I could move now so I could start buying things!

I’m going to sign my lease papers tomorrow!!!

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