Tuesday confessional

1. It has now been 6 days since I have last run. Oh motivation, where have you gone? Thankfully I broke the streak today with a nice 5-miler.

2. I picked the apartment complex that I did because they lease out washers and dryers. There are plenty of other beautiful apartments (with gyms…this complex doesn’t have a gym so I’ll have to drive to school to use a treadmill) around but they had me at quarter-free laundry. It’s $35 a month but the time and hassle it saves is priceless. Never did I ever think I would get this excited over an appliance. No more quarter hording for me!

3. I am so excited to move in May, I would totally do it now if I could. I’m still a little apprehensive about the future but getting all of my ducks lined up feels amazing and I know that everything will work out wonderfully. I think the boy and I will be apart but at least I will have a beautiful apartment and a busy schedule to keep me occupied.

4. My apartment is a mess. What they say about the cleanliness state of your apartment reflecting the state of stress in your life is totally true. I really need to clean it but I’m too busy relaxing right now…

5. I’m addicted to Kashi’s Mediterranean pizza. And ate it 2 nights in a row.


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