The luck of the evens

I spent last night with my 3 favorite men: Ben, Jerry, and Dr. McDreamy.

And while it’s a comforting and delicious habit, Ben and Jerry need to be out of my life (Dr. McDreamy can, ahem, stay as long as he wants though…)

My ed (yep, it doesn’t get capital letters any more because it doesn’t deserve that much recognition) habits are hard to break because they’re comforting; after a long day of studying, researching, and dealing with people who have problems far bigger than mine it’s nice to have a comfortable routine. Even if said routine isn’t exactly the best way to relax.

And today is the 30th. Because I’m a huge believer in doing things evenly (I always have to stop a run at a 5 or a 0 time…44? Nope…have to go to 45), I think this is the perfect day for me to finally say kthankxbye to my little ed friend.

So I am officially bribing myself. 5 days with no ed habits and I get to buy myself something pretty and new. I’m not sure what yet, but I plan on developing a “points system” for myself. Nothing else seems to be working at this point so I figured some good old fashioned bribing can’t hurt.

I’m just ready to be healthy and strong again! I’m starting off the day with a nice 5 mile run to get my head in the game

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