Follow your bliss

When people tell you to “follow your bliss” they never mention how hard it is.

Today, following my bliss means a 3 hour drive followed by a 3 hour interview/tour of an amazing hospital facility tomorrow.

I want to say I am incredibly excited. I mean, just the fact that I get to rub elbows with the type of people who work in such an amazing place is a privilege (and yes, they know it and sometimes treat you that way…).

But I’m kind of scared. I know that once I get on the road this evening, all will be well. I’ll have my music, snacks, and dinner at Whole Foods to look forward to.

It’s striking how hard it is to do what you know you want and is best for your career. I’m tired and I just want to stay curled up under my blanket in my pajamas? Why can’t I? Whine, whine, whine.

Well the answer is easy: nothing was ever accomplished by a girl sitting alone on her couch in her pajamas watching Grey’s Anatomy re-runs.

I’ve watched enough family members be miserable because they got too stuck in a rut and were afraid to take risks. Me, I’m the risk taker of the family; I moved 14 hours away to attend school with no plans of moving back home and I will be the first in the family to have Dr in front of my name. I’m proud to say that I work hard, don’t take no for an answer, am awesome, and don’t settle (and yes, I am oh so modest).

Sometimes progress is hard. And it really is easier to stay within your comfort zone. But where’s the fun in that? Sometimes the beauty is in the breakdown.


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