Current loves

Alright, so my posting has been sporadic at best lately.

But I’m still here.

And (I think) all of the craziness should be dying down this week, which means more time to blog and generally relax. These past few weeks it feels like all I’ve been doing is writing papers, traveling, and watching Grey’s Anatomy. Which is perfectly fine with me, it’s just slightly exhausting (especially when it gets to be 12:30 am and I’m still saying, “one more episode”…I guess that’s the curse/blessing of Netflix).

Anywho. Since I’ve been so crazy busy, I’ve developed a distinct taste for things that make me ecstatically happy. Although it never takes much for me to get excited, I think it’s most important to find those “omg yay” things when life is hectic.


I am currently in love with.

Country music. I know it’s not a generally loved genre, even in the south, but I find it quite cathartic.

Especially this song by Lady Antebellum:

Grey’s Anatomy. While this show is obviously not completely realistic, I love it because it reminds me what I am working towards (which helps all of these research papers seem less awful). Plus I have a weak spot for drama, love stories, and anything medically related. It doesn’t hurt that Dr. McDreamy reminds me of the boy though. That definitely helps. Mmm, Dr. McDreamy.

Asiago bagels and iced tea. I feel as if I have been subsisting off of these two things for the past few weeks.

Peanut butter. Particularly white chocolate wonderful. I swear, it was made exactly for smearing onto apples

Jason Natural Deodorants. I’m not going to lie, I am a sweaty girl. Especially when the humidity climbs…I don’t care how many years I’ve lived below the Mason-Dixon line, the humidity gets me every time. And while this deodorant doesn’t really stop the sweating, it does generally stop me from smelling awful throughout the day. And it’s gentler on my body, which I love.

Happy Monday!

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