When one door closes…

…sometimes a better door opens.

Over the weekend, I went apartment hunting close to my future school. I thought I found the perfect, adorable place. I called the owner as soon as I knew I wanted it and sent in my application/deposit.

I was finally relaxed and excited about moving to a new city.

I was excited until the rug got yanked from under me and I was informed that I may not get the apartment.

Cue major meltdown. Instead of working on my paper, I spent the majority of yesterday frantically searching for apartments in the same area. Except they all cost an arm and a leg…sometimes an arm and a leg and a foot for only 500 square feet.

Until I found B’s ad. B is a current med student with a super cute house with a washer and a dryer. She’s super amazingly nice and we are crazily similar (okay, I don’t know this for a fact yet but we’ve been emailing back and forth and it seems like we’d get along so well).

I’ve never really loved having roommates before, but I’m guessing that is because we were crammed into a tiny room and it generally was not over our own volition. And, I’ll be honest, I like the idea of having someone around…especially in those first months where I haven’t really established life in a new city yet, and even more especially since the boy will likely be living in another city.

So while losing my first apartment led to a general panic and some stress tears while on the phone with my mom, everything has worked out splendidly. I’d even venture to say that it worked out better than before. Because now I have a washer and a dryer and a built in friend for when times get tough. What more could a girl ask for?

I guess it’s true what they say about things happening for a reason…

Do you have an experiences with a huge disappointment being followed by something so exciting you can’t sleep?


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