Friday love list: Health edition

Lately I’ve noticed quite a contradiction in my life: I spent most of my days learning how to heal people and help people get healthier yet I find myself eating potato chips for dinner because I have a research paper to write or getting McDonald’s on the way home because I was just too tired after a day in the clinic to even think about cooking anything.

So basically, I learn how to make other people healthy yet I don’t apply that knowledge to myself.

Not cool.

Thankfully I’ve managed to retain some shreds of my former healthy self.

It’s Friday, and I’m in love with:

Iced coffee with 1% organic milk. I’ll spare the awful details right now but I never drink conventional milk if I can help it.

8 hours of sleep. Anything less and I become an overly caffeinated, mood swinging mess.

Talking and cuddling with the boy after a rough day. Communication is therapeutic.

Taking Grey’s Anatomy breaks. I’m a pure over-achiever but I always call it quits by 6:30 pm for some well-earned time with Dr. McDreamy.

Greek salads. My diet has left very much to desire lately so thank goodness for Greek salads.

The fact that I love what I’m doing. If I didn’t truly believe in what I am working towards, I would never be able to make it through the day…let alone write 3 research papers on different topics, back to back. I am so lucky that I had every single opportunity I needed growing up to get me to where I am now and that I found something that I am truly passionate about. Not everyone can say they truly love their job.

Maybe it’s just because I’m a “newbie” and am not yet jaded/beaten down by the system, but I’m hoping that I never lose my drive and love for helping others.

What are you truly passionate about? 

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