Return of the iced coffee

This picture really says it all:

{From A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor}

I was out of town this weekend apartment searching for my big move. I found an apartment that happens to come with an awesome roommate and her fiancé (who loves to cook and is handy…perfect to have around, in my opinion).

But, knowing that I had an exam this morning, I was responsible and headed back home at a decent hour. Only to realize that my Internet was out. And I was exhausted. So instead of studying for this morning’s exam like I was supposed to/intended to, I fell asleep on the couch, visited the boy, and ate Domino’s pizza in my pajamas at 10:30 pm before finally passing out.

Of course, I wouldn’t change anything about how my life is shaping up. The downside of it, however, is that I am constantly exhausted and have very little free time at the moment.

But, when said exam is over, I will come back…with a real update…


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