What I do in my spare time, part 1

Lately, this so-called running blog has been more of a non-running blog. I haven’t laced up my running shoes in nearly two weeks. I could say that I had good intentions to do so but, if I’m being completely honest with myself, I haven’t.

I’ve been plumb tuckered out. Copious amounts of iced tea and iced coffee seem to help until about 5 pm, at which time I feel like if I don’t lay down I’m going to just fall asleep standing up.

My free time, what little I have of it, has become dominated by low-impact activities: reading, watching Netflix, doing crossword puzzles. I did battle traffic to get to a Border’s that was going out of sale…to buy a neuroanatomy book…

I’m like an 80-something woman trapped in a 20-somethings body.


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