Random motivation

This morning I basically hopped out of bed.


The words “hopped” and “out of bed” have not appeared adjacent to each in months.

To make matters even crazier, I hopped out of bed and cleaned. 

I still have a billion loads of laundry to do, dishes to wash, and vacuuming to do…but at least I picked up all of the dirty dishes and empty Zevia cans off of my coffee table. Now it looked like my apartment is owned by a student rather than a soda can and newspaper crossword page hoarder.

But not only did I clean today, I showered and headed to Panera to work on my research paper presentation. For most people “showered” and “headed to [blank] to work” are normal, every day occurences. They were for me too, until I got hit with the Tiredness That Would Not Let Go.

So, basically, I feel like a rock-star today (and no, not the energy drink…all I drank was a vat of iced tea this morning). All because I didn’t need to roll off my bed, wade through clutter, and choose between showering and studying. Go me!

I guess that’s a step in the right direction?

(I have a feeling all of this motivation comes from the fact that I have NO CLASSES tomorrow! My body is sooo looking forward to the rest, but my brain is probably like, “Oh crap, what am I supposed to do now? Must be productive…”)


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