Three Things Thursday

I missed my Tuesday confessional (again), so I’ve temporarily re-located it to Thursday. Because I like lists where I get to state all of the weird things I’ve done during the week.

1. Last night was the first night I cooked a “real” dinner at my apartment in months. Real dinner being shells and three-cheese pasta sauce. But this is progress considering I’d gotten really hooked on frozen foods. And for the past week, I’d been so busy that I somehow convinced myself that potato chips were a good dinner.

2. I was proud of my dinner success. And then late night studying happened, which meant that pizza got ordered. And when you’re tired and someone hands you greasy pizza, nothing tastes better. I need to get my lifestyle back. in. check. But it’s hard to order an entire study group *not* to order pizza.

3. Part of me wishes I had classes this summer. I know that is a ridiculous thought, especially since I’m currently procrastinating working on my research paper presentation, but I’ve been a student for so long that I’m not quite sure how I’m going to spend my free time yet.

If you could have a summer off, how would you spend it? 


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