Apocalypse now?

As if preparing for the end of the semester weren’t enough, I now have to worry about going all Dorothy and getting swept away by tornadoes.

Not cool.

I’m not from an area that frequently gets tornadoes and severe storms (in fact, a storm that was called severe where I’m from seems like a drizzle compared to storms that I’ve experienced since moving. Again, not cool).

All this morning I was getting “beware of the severe weather” and “stay inside if possible” emails. Okay university. You want me to stay inside yet classes are not cancelled. Yet another reason why I fear that I may be swept up by a tornado or knocked out by hail.

Give me snowstorms any day, but tornadoes scare the bejesus out of me. I’ve been watching the weather radar every 10 minutes and wearing my rain jacket 24/7. Am I from New England? Why yes, yes I am.


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