Breathe in, breathe out

To say that I’ve been overwhelmed lately would be an understatement.

But the semester has ending and I’m ready for regular blogging to resume. Mostly because having just packed up my entire life into boxes, suitcases, and trash bags has left me stressed beyond belief and I need a place to practice being more positive/vent.

Because leaving the boy and everything I’m familiar with is scary. I love the city I’m moving to and I know the boy and I will be fine, but leaving comfort has always been difficult for me.

I’m a walking oxymoron in that I love new things but I hate breaking out of a comfortable routine. However, once that routine is broken and I develop a new one, I’m fine.

So basically, I’m a weirdo. But I have a feeling a lot of people feel the same way…

With that said,  I think it’s okay to admit that I’m terrified. But I’m ready to stop being a walking around with a rain cloud following me.

So, without further ado…reasons why I am glad to be moving:

I’ll be in the same city as a Whole Foods!

I won’t have to hoard quarters to do laundry because I’ll have my own washer and dryer

I’ll get to attend #1 school and have lots of new, exciting opportunities and make lots of new friends

I’ll have central heating and air

I’ll have built-in company with my awesome new roomie

When the boy comes to visit we won’t have to cram onto a tiny twin bed because I’m buying a bigger one!

There are lots of new restaurants to try and areas to visit