Honesty: A confessional

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to do a Tuesday confessional. And it’s Sunday, so confessions seem…fitting….despite the fact that I am not Catholic and only set foot in a church on major holidays (I don’t think it’s possible for me to be as dedicated as Janae!!).

But I digress.

1. I didn’t want yesterday’s stage of the Tour de France. Which kind of feels like blasphemy. I’ve been watching every stage, sometimes multiple times, for years now and having missed one doesn’t feel ok!

2. I’m not fat. If anyone told me I was fat, I’d ask if they were drunk. But I’ve gotten kind of unhealthy. All of those nights of stress-eating mac and cheese at Whole Foods caught up with me. I’m ready to be healthy again. For real.

3. Although I ate popcorn for dinner last night and that will probably be the case again tonight. Oh hormonal munchies, how I love you.

4. I want to run a marathon but I’m terrified. Fortunately for me, I have an equally running-crazy girlfriend who convinced me to sign up for a full next April. So we can run together. I am both intimidated and so excited that I could put a kid in a candy store to shame.

5. The book Born to Run changed my perspective on running in more ways than I even imagined it to when I picked it up off of the shelf.

6. In non-running related confessions, I’m having serious wedding fever. So many of my close friends are getting married and engaged and I can’t stop envisioning the day that I get proposed to (hopefully by D). This has led to secretive staring at diamond rings on the Interwebs many a late night.

7. Aside from popcorn, I am also addicted to coconut popsicles.

8. And to adorable pictures of kittens and/or chubby babies

9. I plan on joining a running group in my new city. This isn’t so much a confession as it is a “maybe if I post it in public I’ll actually get the guts to do it”.

10. I seriously need to focus on being more frugal. i.e. not spend $25 at Whole Foods every. single. day

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