Got salt?

Losing salt through sweat makes me want Mexican food. Namely, a gargantuan burrito from Moe’s.

And today, I lost a lot of salt. If it were even remotely sanitary, my body could be used as a salt mine.

Basically, all of my runs while up north have *sucked*. I’m lucky if I break a 9 minute mile and/or don’t have to stop to walk 5 million times. Which blows my mind because I was consistently improving while running in the south’s mid-summer heat. I keep telling myself that running in the heat and pushing through discomfort will make me a better runner in the long run (ha, ha) but as a former fastie, it’s still hard for me to stomach my significantly slower times.

Quite hard, really (twss).

I’m sure if I made an effort to not roll out of bed at 10 am and, instead, headed out at 8 am life would feel a little less sweltering. But wake up at 8 am on vacation? Yeah, no thanks. (Note to self: stop being such a wimp).

At least I’m getting a haircut today. And eating heaven’s pasta (aka penne with vodka sauce) for dinner. That makes life seem a little less sweaty.

Today run: 40 minutes of sweltering slowness

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