Switching things up

This morning, I decided to switch up my pre-run routine. Mostly because I had plans to meet my friend A for breakfast, but also because I’m curious about my running ability when it’s *not* 85 degrees, humid, and relentlessly sunny and still only 10 am (thanks, New England heat wave, for happening on my vacation from mid-south heat, thanks…)

But I digress. I awoke at 8 am to an, “something came up at home, my child-thing is sick, cannot do breakfast” text. The lazy bum in me set my alarm for 8:30 and rolled back over. But the motivated side of me bounded out of bed, brewed coffee, and ate a piece of fruit.

I don’t usually eat or drink (aside from some water) anything before my summer morning runs. When it’s cooler and/or I’m not on a tight time schedule, I usually allow myself time for breakfast and a couple hours of digesting and I generally feel like I have a little more pep in my step. So, since I was up anyways, it seemed like a try couldn’t hurt.

Operation not-suck morning run, attempt #1: nectarine and 3/4 mug of coffee with 1% milk. I haven’t been a regular morning coffee drinker since last semester ended so hopefully I’ll get a nice little boost. 

It’s still pretty hot considering it’s only 8:30 am (although my computer, still being on central time, is telling me it’s 7:30 so I feel even more awesome).

And now, an announcement:

I’ve decided to run a full-marathon! 

I’ve run 4 halfs before and loved them, despite the fact that my last half went horribly, awfully wrong. Halfs are definitely my favorite race distance, hands down. But my entire life I’ve said, “I want to run a marathon someday”. Well, I think “someday” is next April. If I’m being honest I’m terrified, but I have a friend who is willing to run with me and I don’t think there really is any “perfect” time to run your first marathon (oh goodness, it sounds like I’m talking about having children).

Truth is, I want to qualify for Boston. Not on this first marathon, I just want to survive and finish. But…I can only ever qualify for Boston if I take those first steps and conquer 26.2 miles. I mean, if Oprah can do it, then I totally can.

What was your first marathon experience? Or, do you want to have a first marathon experience? 

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