Quotatious Wednesday

Ok, I know that quotatious is not a word…but as someone who thinks hard all day long, it’s nice to have a little nonsense in my life. Nonsense that typically includes made up words, giggling at immature things, and eating dessert every night. And I know that my life is about to get quite a bit more busy, so I’m trying to implement shorter entries so that I can manage to do them every day.

This week’s quote:

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. 

William Shedd could not have said it better.

I’ve completed my first few days of doctor school and, at times, I was seriously questioning my decision to leave the nest. I missed the comfort of my own school, I missed the familiarity of roads that I had driven a million times, I missed the predictability. But thankfully, lists, emails, and de-cluttering my life has helped me calm down and realize that sometimes the best decisions are the hardest to deal with because they mean completely leaving a comfort zone.

Running and yoga has also helped immensely. Especially yoga, which takes place at a complete sanctuary of a studio and makes me forget that outside there is a gridlock of cars and learning to do. I even managed to do bakasana, which was more fulfilling than any yoga pose should really bed.

The semester hasn’t even gotten into full swing but I know that as long as I keep taking care of myself, I’ll find a way to conquer the rest.


Create a vision and set your goals: 10 years

With only 4 years until I am official Ms. Doctor, I’ve been spending *a lot* of time thinking about what I want in the future. So, inspired by this Lululemon blog post and beautiful Ashley’s 10 year vision, I’ve decided to write out my own vision for my future.

In 10 years, I am in a healthy, loving, and supportive relationship. That relationship is with The Boy and I look forward to the upcoming years of continuing to grow with each other. We are married and starting to think about when we want to grow our little family. We  keep the romance alive by having weekly date nights  and we say I love you every 2 seconds. I “drag” him to all of my races and important events because we are be invested in each other’s lives. We also maintain our independence by having time to ourselves and time out with our friends. Our relationship is full of respect, mushiness, and silliness.

Family is a priority. We visit our families as often as we possibly can, no matter where in the country we live. We maintain good relationships with both of our sets of parents and talk frequently on the phone with them.

We live in an outdoorsy city dedicated to healthy living (I’m looking at you, Boston/DC/Austin/etc) and live in a super cute condo. It is full of personal items that we have picked up from various trips and plenty of antiques. We are considering looking to buy a house in the near future. It isn’t necessary for us to own a house, though, because we are cozy and settled where we are and enjoy the free-ness of not having household upkeep.

Going out to eat is an important part of our lives but we  continue to try new recipes at home and enjoy cooking meals for ourselves. Eating healthily will is an important goal in my life because I  need to fuel my body properly for my running and, eventually, having a baby.

I have run at least 2 marathons and qualified for Boston. Running and biking are a regular part of my life because it relieves my stress and keeps me healthy. I travel to new and exciting races whenever time and budget permits.

I am working on opening my own private practice while working at a successful private practice. I don’t need to make a million dollars and I definitely don’t want to work an inordinate amount of hours a week, I just want to make enough money to support a comfortable lifestyle and my running clothes obsession. Work is important to me because I am passionate about my field but it is NOT my entire life and I am fulfilled by many things, not just by how I get my paycheck.

Savings are important, however.We have enough money saved up so that I only need to work part-time once we have kids and we will be able to send our future baby to excellent private schools because education is a huge priority in our life.

Traveling is also an integrative part of our life, whether it be close by or long-distance. We love exploring new places and creating new traditions for our little family. Most of our trips are within driving distance, though, because we will have an adorable cat and a silly dog to keep us company at home.

In 10 years, I am happy, vibrant, and enjoying all that life has to offer. I know that things can change in an instant so, overall, I roll with the punches and always find the silver lining.

Brain dump

Despite the fact that I moved to New City at the end of May, I still feel like I’m getting my toes wet. I’ve found delicious restaurants, am busy discovering the best running routes, and the in the process of making new friends. I’m still in the process of making it feel like home, though.

Since I grew up visiting New City, driving around isn’t as stressful as it could be, as long as I write down street names to look for.

I think I’m settling in okay.

Especially since my car no longer looks like this...

Tips for settling into a new city:

1. Turn off the GPS – I love love love having the option to turn my on if I am hopelessly lost, but the best way to learn a city’s streets and highways is to fly by the seat of your pants (with written directions, of course)…that way you have to pay attention to where you’re driving instead of mindlessly following the GPS’s instructions.

2. Find new doctors before you need them – that way you know who to call when you get sick and don’t have to worry about hunting around for someone good.

3. Join a group – I walked into my local Lululemon store and said I’m a runner looking for some people to run with. They were not only awesome and told me to email them if I was looking for a buddy, but also told me about some groups to run with.

4. Make plans for each day – if I don’t make a list of things to do, I just end up staying home and not exploring. So ask newly found friends to go hiking or out to eat and see what your new area has to offer

5. Ask the local for recommendations – usually people who live there the longest have awesome suggestions for places that may not appear to be great or that are off the beaten path.

What do you do when you move to a new city? 


I vant to test you lungs

My running has also been steadily improving. I ran for a full hour yesterday, on tired legs, and finished feeling like I didn’t leave everything out on the road. I think most of this improvement comes from “altitude training” – the Boy lives in a place at a higher elevation than I’ve ever lived at so running there definitely tests my lungs a little.

I haven’t been doing any speedwork but I think slow and steady is the way to go for now.

I’ve also determined that my weight is holding steady. Which is neither good nor bad news…it just is. I’m glad I haven’t gained but the fact that I haven’t lost illustrates that those over-eating episodes do sabotage me.

Feel the burn...

It also means that I need to do some strength training/ab work. This should be interesting.

What sorts of at home strength training do you do? 

Dysfunctional breakfast

Is anyone else extremely disappointed in this season’s Bachelorette finale? I know I am. Ben F. was so adorable and sweet and open and he picked out the most killer ring I have ever seen in my entire life. And he could’ve provided her with most delicious wine for the rest of her life. Seriously, my heart broke the second that I realized that they were not going to end up together. I’m crossing all of my fingers and toes that he’s the next Bachelor so I can see more of the cutie patootie!

Please to marry me, I am so open and vulnerable


Yesterday’s run was less than stellar. I stayed up until 3:30 am catching up on Bachelorette episodes/So You Think You Can Dance episodes. So when my alarm started going crazy on my bedside table, I blearily-eyed hit snooze a few times. And then finally dragged my lazy butt out of bed, got dressed to run, and made my way to the trails.

However, it was already 23898339 degrees. It got hot fast yesterday and stayed hot (as in, I was driving back from Target at 8:30 pm and it was still 96. WTF).

My schedule called for 4 miles. Since I’m not really sure of the mileage on the trails yet, I ran for 40 minutes and assumed that I managed at least a ten minute pace (although I suspect it was slightly faster, but who really knows). Some of the hills on the route I did yesterday were killer. They’re long and steep-ish, and sleepy me had to stop and walk for 30 seconds multiple times. I also stopped when I looped past back my car…the heat was brutal, even in the shade, and I desperately needed water. I assumed (again with these assumptions) that I didn’t need to bring my awesome new handheld water bottle with me since I usually don’t drink on runs less than an hour but that was clearly a sweaty mistake.

All in all, it was a not too shabby run.

Although I admit being tired let to me eating an entire small pizza and frozen yogurt for dinner. It was a mistake, my body did not enjoy it, and I am moving on. And that is that.

At least you taught me to be open...

Today’s run was leaps and bounds better than yesterday’s run, despite the fact that I hit snooze for 45 minutes and started running 30 minutes later than I had planned. But I chugged an Illy cappuccino…the kind that comes in a can and tastes like pure heaven…and headed out the door. I managed a 4.38 mile run (according to Map My Run). So basically, I confirmed the fact that I’m a slow poke compared to my former self but a 9.07 pace isn’t all that awful considering the route I ran consists of only up or down. And it’s hot. So I tell myself that if it were not 80 degrees I’d perform better. I tell myself that.

You ate *what* for breakfast?!

And then I came home, turned on Brav0 (yay, more Millionaire Matchmaker!!!), stretched, and ate blue corn chips and queso for breakfast. 

And I have to say, it. was. delicious.

Running towards awesome

So, uh, first of all. Apparently I suck at blog updates. I have so many started posts but so few finished posts. This is probably indicative of the fact that I am always so enthusiastic to start something but so unmotivated to finish most of the time…but I’m just going to say it’s because I have been extraordinarily busy exploring my new city/watching Millionaire Matchmaker marathons on Bravo (so addicting, by the way).

But while my blogging has sucked, my running has not. I’ve worked myself up to 50 minute trail runs and I could not be happier about it. My last attempt at trail running went horribly awry, probably due to the fact that I was with my horrid ex-boyfriend and he always made me run through the spider webs of the early morning. Ew.

But the trail system that I’ve found is only 25 minutes away from my apartment and has a combination of pavement, gravel, and dirt trails. And a lack of awful spider webs. My legs have never been happier. I am now a true believer in running on many different surfaces; my knees have virtually zero pain (which is a HUGE plus considering how cranky they can get when I up my mileage) and my legs are hardly ever sore. Winning!

So what have I been up to in the time since my last post?

I ordered a handheld water bottle. Perfect for this hot southern morning and for a place to stash my keys so I don’t sweat all over my key-less entry buttons and accidentally zap myself while trying to unlock my car.

I’ve been reading ultra-runners’ blogs. Especially Ultra Addington and Ultragirl Emily. I think all of this trail running and a desire for higher mileage has piqued my interest in ultra running. But I guess I should finish my first marathon first…

I’ve gotten my emotional binge eating under control. I think this mostly has to do with running. When I finish an excellent run, I want to feed myself with the best food possible so that I can continue performing the best that I possibly can.

I’ve ridden my road bike once. I used to be the queen of summer long rides but I have yet to map out any good rides in my new neighborhood. Lazy, lazy me. I need to start riding at least once a week again, before it gets too cool and I don’t have time to ride anymore!

I’ve discovered that dessert once a day is a-okay. For my sanity at least. Maybe not for my blood sugar.

What have you been up to? What are your thoughts on ultra running?