Brain dump

Despite the fact that I moved to New City at the end of May, I still feel like I’m getting my toes wet. I’ve found delicious restaurants, am busy discovering the best running routes, and the in the process of making new friends. I’m still in the process of making it feel like home, though.

Since I grew up visiting New City, driving around isn’t as stressful as it could be, as long as I write down street names to look for.

I think I’m settling in okay.

Especially since my car no longer looks like this...

Tips for settling into a new city:

1. Turn off the GPS – I love love love having the option to turn my on if I am hopelessly lost, but the best way to learn a city’s streets and highways is to fly by the seat of your pants (with written directions, of course)…that way you have to pay attention to where you’re driving instead of mindlessly following the GPS’s instructions.

2. Find new doctors before you need them – that way you know who to call when you get sick and don’t have to worry about hunting around for someone good.

3. Join a group – I walked into my local Lululemon store and said I’m a runner looking for some people to run with. They were not only awesome and told me to email them if I was looking for a buddy, but also told me about some groups to run with.

4. Make plans for each day – if I don’t make a list of things to do, I just end up staying home and not exploring. So ask newly found friends to go hiking or out to eat and see what your new area has to offer

5. Ask the local for recommendations – usually people who live there the longest have awesome suggestions for places that may not appear to be great or that are off the beaten path.

What do you do when you move to a new city? 


I vant to test you lungs

My running has also been steadily improving. I ran for a full hour yesterday, on tired legs, and finished feeling like I didn’t leave everything out on the road. I think most of this improvement comes from “altitude training” – the Boy lives in a place at a higher elevation than I’ve ever lived at so running there definitely tests my lungs a little.

I haven’t been doing any speedwork but I think slow and steady is the way to go for now.

I’ve also determined that my weight is holding steady. Which is neither good nor bad news…it just is. I’m glad I haven’t gained but the fact that I haven’t lost illustrates that those over-eating episodes do sabotage me.

Feel the burn...

It also means that I need to do some strength training/ab work. This should be interesting.

What sorts of at home strength training do you do? 

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