Quotatious Wednesday

Ok, I know that quotatious is not a word…but as someone who thinks hard all day long, it’s nice to have a little nonsense in my life. Nonsense that typically includes made up words, giggling at immature things, and eating dessert every night. And I know that my life is about to get quite a bit more busy, so I’m trying to implement shorter entries so that I can manage to do them every day.

This week’s quote:

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. 

William Shedd could not have said it better.

I’ve completed my first few days of doctor school and, at times, I was seriously questioning my decision to leave the nest. I missed the comfort of my own school, I missed the familiarity of roads that I had driven a million times, I missed the predictability. But thankfully, lists, emails, and de-cluttering my life has helped me calm down and realize that sometimes the best decisions are the hardest to deal with because they mean completely leaving a comfort zone.

Running and yoga has also helped immensely. Especially yoga, which takes place at a complete sanctuary of a studio and makes me forget that outside there is a gridlock of cars and learning to do. I even managed to do bakasana, which was more fulfilling than any yoga pose should really bed.

The semester hasn’t even gotten into full swing but I know that as long as I keep taking care of myself, I’ll find a way to conquer the rest.


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