Lululemon bribe

2 weeks ago, I started my last 4 years of education before I am officially a Ms. Doctor. And apparently I also decided that cookies for dinner with a side of popcorn and chocolate for studying was balanced eating 2 weeks ago.

As much as I love the sweets while indulging in some girl-talk with my newly minted gal pals, I’ve started to feel sluggish and not so healthy in general.

Clogged, if you will.

I think my schedule is finally regulating itself and the days of going out on Mondays are beginning to dwindle. So, as my body screams for some TLC, I think I am entering a good and (hopefully) calmer time period to really focus on getting back my health.

Naturally, I need to bribe myself to do this. Namely, bribe myself with a new piece of Lululemon attire. Mostly because I really want to go shopping there and need to find a way to justify it on my poor student’s budget…and also because I know those late study nights with other people will often be accompanied by temptation.

What will these 2 weeks mean?

Well, I’m not doing a cleanse, per se. Just focusing on eating fruits and veggies at every meal, eating a normal breakfast, not OD-ing on coffee, exercising regularly, and not deciding that a dessert dinner should be a regular occurrence.

Happy Fake Monday! I’ll be back this evening with a Day 1 update


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