Mental health morning

Being a doc is hard. freaking. work.

I knew that coming in, but awful living situations and general discontent with how the program has been progressing has led me to become a wee bit crazy.

Wee bit being an understatement. The understatement of the year, in fact, considering I almost cried this morning because the Boy tried to convince me to send an email. An email, mind you, that I already knew was necessary to send and was planning on sending anyways. But the extra “pressure” of him “telling” me to do something sent me over the edge.

So I emailed my supervisor that I am *coughcoughsick*, signed up for an 8:30 am spin class, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just be easier on myself. I know I need the patient hours, I know I need to be responsible, but sometimes taking care of my mental health just needs to take priority over everything else. And I feel like there’s nothing a nice, relaxed morning with a serious splash of sweat can’t fix…although I’m hoping it’ll fix this serious funk I’ve sunken down into today.

What’s your sure-fire funk buster? 


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