Hiding in a coffee shop

When I don’t feel like being at home, I tend to pack my life into my backpack and head on over to the nearest coffee shop, where I usually proceed to drink copious amounts of coffee in the corner table, preferably for hours at a time, like a lame-o. People watching, Facebook checking, and occasionally some hardcore homework-ing tend to occur. This continues until I feel like one more sip of coffee  would drive me crazy. Only then will I go home.

I have not reached that point today. Although I miraculously have only had one medium coffee to drink.

Basically, the boy is tied up in work today, I have tons of schoolwork to get done, and I refuse to spend more time at home than is necessary (awkward living situations, FTW) so I am camped out and currently thinking of various ways to NOT be at home until tonight. So far, I’ve decided to being a coffee shop hog until the boy gets a break, spend 2-3 hours annoying the boy during said break, browse the bookstore and/or TJMaxx, stop at Whole Foods for some “please help me feel like stabby” dinner ideas, and then retreat to my lovely bedroom for some TV catch-up.

Unfortunately, I think my laptop battery has other ideas.



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