Scary and exciting

Ya’ll, I don’t even know.

I am currently being considered for a baller clinical rotation.

What’s the catch, you ask? Well, let me be the first to tell you: it’s 4 hours away. In a city I’ve never been in. Away from the fiance and familiarity and my daily routine.

Scary. Very scary. But also ridiculously excited. As you can probably tell by this post, I’m not even sure how to put *what* I am feeling into *words*. All I can think of is “so scary” and “so darn excited”.

Granted, I have not even been given the offer yet, but the fact that it’s more than a 90% possibility is making my poor little heart race a little. So many exciting possibilities, so many scary unknowns.

And there it is again. Scary and exciting.

What would you do? Would you leave home for 2 months for a super exciting opportunity? 

*cue heart palpitations*


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