Bless your heart.

Monday is here. Which means that when my alarm went off this morning, my first thought was: “Ugh, not again”.

My weeks have been freakishly non-stop busy since May rolled around and I think I *finally* may be getting a tiny little bit of reprieve. So I’m deciding to be optimistic and plan out my running schedule ahead of time instead of lacing up my shoes and running parking lot loops because I didn’t feel like facing the gym.

M: Rest! My day is full of patients and meetings and work, so it seems like the perfect day to just say no to running. Typically, a quick two miler puts a little pep in my step but I think my legs could use a break.

T: 3 miles

W: 4 miles

Th: 3 miles, speed on dreadmill

F: 2 miles of parking lot loops (yes, I said I wanted to avoid that…but it’s better than no run at all!) or rest, depending on my poor little legs

S: 3 miles

Su: 3 miles

Also, say a little prayer for my heart. I’m getting my cholesterol tested today (because high cholesterol runs in my family, blah blah blah) and I have to admit that I’m slightly nervous. My taking-care-of-myself meter has been running higher than usual lately, but I’m concerned about all of the junk I put into my body on a regular basis from May-July. That paired with family history/long-term use of birth control pills is leading me to feel the pressure. So put some positive thoughts out into the world and hopefully they’ll pay off!

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