Thwarted by running shorts

This morning, I was up and at ’em at the bright and early time of 5:45. I was extraordinarily proud of myself for practically bounding out of bed and managing to be productive when all I *really* wanted to do was have a day off.

I packed my 1000 lb. backpack, grabbed my running bag, and headed out the door to the gym. I was more than excited to hit the indoor track, for once, because I created a brand new playlist and my legs felt rested and I knew I wouldn’t sweat like the dickens walking to class because it’s a brisk 55 degrees outside.

It wasn’t until I started stuffing things into my locker that I realized something was wrong. I was missing a key ingredient…my running shorts.

Plenty of thoughts ran through my head: Can I just run in my clinic pants? Nope. Could I go buy a new pair of shorts at the bookstore? Waste of valuable time. How did I manage to not have running shorts? Oh yeah, I took them out of my bag to air the nastiness out of them…well, at least now I have time to work on my 5000 item to-do list.

Go. Me.

Sad and extremely annoyed, I trudged on to the library. Life was only made better by a grande skinny vanilla latte and pumpkin bread. I swear, pastries are nature’s band-aid for angry brains. That and finally finishing a monster journal presentation, and I am *finally* feeling a little less angsty that a pair of running shorts threw a wrench in my morning.

But I am still faced with the problem of: where do I stick those extra 4 miles that I was supposed to run today? Not Friday, because my day is jam packed. Not today because I won’t be home until normal human beings have been asleep for an hour or two. I’m not “in training” per se, but those miles are of total value to me…they are base miles that I desperately wanted so when 1/2 mary training rolls around my legs aren’t screaming.

So, my solution? Try a two-a-day. Tomorrow, I may feel differently. But at least I’ll have the option…and hopefully, my pair of running shorts.

How do you deal with thwarted runs? My type A self is still trying to reconcile a plan gone wrong….

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