Mental strength

I got home today at 1 pm. After stopping by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and the farmer’s market to get a fresh salad.

Who am I and who high-jacked my Google calendar?

Having spare time to come home and take a long shower (!!!) and watch The Real Housewives while wearing my robe/compression socks and munching on my lunch was purely divine. I rarely have more than a 2 hour block of time open, and I typically use that free time to get going early for a run before I need to hit the books and see patients.

So 4 hours? At home? That’s heaven. Especially today, since I have just conquered the first exam of the semester and the first grand rounds of the semester.

Of course now I’m sitting at work feeling exhausted, naturally.

But my shorts crisis from yesterday has been averted, at least…at around lunch time yesterday, I had just finished an exam and was facing 2 free hours of no patients (I’m sensing a trend…too bad it won’t last). I was feeling antsy, and in denial that I had any other work to do. So what’s a girl to do? Well, go to the school bookstore and buy a new pair of running shorts, of course.

Normally buying anything from the school bookstore makes me shudder. But the lure of the run was just too much for me to handle, so I broke down and bought a pair. And proceeded to have an excelled 4.5 mile run, which eliminated the need to do a twice-a-day today…something that my legs greatly appreciated, since I was about to give up about 20 minutes into today’s 4-miler.

Most days, running is more a battle of “can my legs and lungs keep up”. Today was a battle with my brain. My legs were tired, I was tired, I was ready to give my presentation and commence my afternoon of nothingness. I contemplated only running 3 miles, I contemplating stopping at 2 miles and spending 20 minutes on the elliptical. But for the sake of mental toughness, I kept going. Strengthening my resolve can only help, right?

Fast forward to now: my legs are still tired, I am still tired, but at least I know I pushed through a run when all my brain could say is “please stop, we want to go eat a bagel”. And I definitely just got hit on by a cute law student, which does not hurt…

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