Friday love list: Rest

It’s been a long week. Too many early mornings, not enough downtime. Midterm time is almost upon us and the amount of work necessary to stay on top of all my school work is quite frankly, astonishing. Getting a doctorate is hard, ya’ll. So this weekend I want to focus on being restful.

It’s Friday and I’m in love with:

1. Earl Grey Tea. Fall is nearly upon us down here (or at least the temperatures aren’t absolutely scorching) and there’s nothing like a big mug full of warm, steaming, milky tea to make your mind at least attempt to sit still for a minute.

2. Say Yes to the Dress. A perfect mindless Friday night TV show to zone out to while browsing Pinterest. Yes, I am that girl.

3. Running outside. During the week, I’m typically confined to gym running, mostly because when I get to school it’s dark and when I leave school it’s dark. I live in a fairly safe neighborhood but still kind of hate the idea of running in the dark. So my weekend runs after a big cup of caffeine and a leisurely breakfast are just amazing.

4. Pastries. As mentioned above, weekends are for leisurely breakfast. Which to me usually means a vegan chocolate chip scone from the local market. Basically, there’s no better way to get a day started than with some sugary carbs made by someone else for my consumption.

5. Pajamas all day. Last weekend was filled with being social and getting dressed all cute to impress. This weekend with be filled with pajamas, pajamas, pajamas. I feel like that speaks for itself…



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