A commitment

In August, I made a commitment to myself to get healthier. 

In September, I made a commitment to myself to run more.

In October, I am making a commitment to myself to be more balanced. 

This past week, I didn’t exercise once. I went to my first Hot Yoga sesh in months, but followed that up with far too many tortilla chips and a cinnamon roll. I spent an entire week studying an doing basically nothing else.

And while that’s all good and well and I survived the week while eating like a teenage boy and devoting my life to studying and not exercising, I don’t think that’s a solid long term plan.

To put it simply, I feel run down. 

So I’m starting my week out on the right foot. With a 6 am hot yoga class.

Yes, 6 am.

But that means we’ll be done at 7, I’ll be home by 7:30, and I’ll have 2 hours to luxuriate, clean, and eat a legitimate breakfast before heading to school.

Of course part of me says, why bother? It’s mid-term and my motivation is so low that I can hardly be bothered to put much effort into anything. But the lure of fall break, relaxed coffee drinking, and amazing sweaty work outs keeps me going.

How do you keep yourself balanced? 


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