This morning is brought to you by…


Coffee. With milk. No sugar.

Usually, I at least attempt to make it to lunch time without having to succumb to my coffee desires. But this week has not started off on the right foot, energy wise. I have a lighter schedule this week, patient-wise and class-wise, so you’d think it’d be a little easier to drag my butt out of bed at my normal 5:30 am wake-up.


It’s now 8 am and I am still on the couch, in my pajamas, sipping [no, really…*chugging*] coffee in hopes that I can be semi-awake for my 9 am research subject.


Running? Yeah…hasn’t happened so much. My plan for a 5 miler today turned into a plan to catch up on reading articles pertaining to my research project and trying to fend off a cold.

Sunday I did a wonderful fall 5 mile run. Hilly, challenging, but wonderful.

Monday was a planned rest day.

Tuesday was a planned 2-miler day. It turned into a me getting off from work late and shoveling dinner into my mouth instead of running day.

But I admit, even though my #1 goal at this moment is to run a sub-60 min 10k right now, I don’t feel terrible about skipping runs and choosing rest over anything else, really. Again, with a lighter schedule you’d think it’d be easier for me to go about my day normally but since weeks like these are so *rare*, I find myself wanting to soak in all of the rest and relaxation at possible.

My Type A self is admittedly freaking out at this moment. But whatevs.

How do you deal with lack of motivation? I feel like when I’m at my lowest, it’s a sign that I am in terrible need of a break….

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