He’s either brave or crazy…which one do you think?

I wouldn’t recommend getting philosophical advice from The Turtleman, but I’m not going to lie.

I do it.

Being in grad school and working 20 hours a week is hard. I talk about this nearly non-stop whenever I blog, but that’s only because I hate talking about it in real life. Everyone is busy and I *hate* getting into “who is busier” conversations. Yes, I’m away from home for far more hours a week than many of my classmates just so put myself through school I can but really, does that matter? Nope. Everyone has their “thing” that makes their life slightly more complicated.

But everyone once in a while, I just want someone to stop and say, “dang, I don’t know how she does it…she must be either really brave or really crazy”.

I guess the fact that no one is commenting on anything is a compliment in and of itself…I guess I’m pulling off frazzled and *done* pretty darn well.

Anywho, that’s not the main point of this post.

The main point of this post is that I’ve been letting things sliiiiiiiide.

As in, eating Doritos for dinner and subsisting off of coffee + half & half and not running.

And it’s catching up to me: my pants are slightly too tight, no amount of coffee is ever enough, and I’ve got a lingering cold-thing that I just cannot kick.

So, since it’s November and therefore a new month, I am re-instating my October goal of balance. A goal that kind of failed as school sent me into a tizzy. But this time, I’m taking it week by week.

My week 1 goals:

1. Eat lots of veggies. Tomorrow’s dinner is herbed sweet potato salad and fennel + sausage dressing

2. Drink lots of water.

3. Drink only one medium coffee a day.

4. Run 3x

5. Relax. No more frantic emails to professors at 11 pm and no more being frazzled about things that I cannot change.


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