Tuesday Confessional: Lazy Election Day edition

Damp, rainy mornings are the best…but only when my 8 am class is cancelled and I don’t have to slog to campus until I get to drink multiple mugs of Irish breakfast tea, eat breakfast, and vaguely prepare for the day.

Today is quite possibly the best Tuesday ever. And that is saying a lot because Tuesday is notoriously my least favorite day of the week.

1. It’s Election Day! Go Vote! This is my 3rd presidential election that I recall paying any sort of real attention to and, while I am not a huge politics girl, I love the excitement of putting democracy into action. Lame, I know. But I am definitely having an “Election Results Party” this evening, complete with an awesome red, white, and blue outfit. I know a lot of my co-workers and classmates aren’t voting because one individual vote doesn’t make a world of a difference. But the fact that I can vote? Yeah, I’m going to take advantage of that right.

2. Yesterday was a fail. My goal was to eat healthier and *not* stress, but the first two things I did yesterday was stress and then proceed to eat tortilla chips + salsa and cookies for dinner at work. Today is off to a much better start, thank goodness. I’m at the point in the semester where any tiny change in my schedule or plans sends me into a veritable tail spin of emotion…not cool.

3. I am officially running a half marathon in April. Come hell or high water, I will be pounding the pavement for my 4th half marathon. So, uh, I now have an excuse to start running more and eating less like a teenage boy whose mother gave him $20 because she’s not going to be home for dinner. Yeaaaah.

{Why is your Tuesday going to be amazeballs?}


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