I believe… {winter edition}

You (as in my negative 5 readers) may notice the title change. I decided it was time. While I still have an unhealthy obsession with running shoes, my life *right now* is more about wedding planning and graduate school.

By themselves, either of those things would be all-consuming. Together…well, I’m sure you can imagine. Thankfully I haven’t had too many hair-pulling moments yet. Which most likely can be credited to tremendous amounts of tea, regular trips out of town, and my wonderful fiance who never hesitates to tell me when my crazy is boiling over.


I believe that hot tea, rainy afternoons, and blankets make the best therapy

I believe that routine is the cake of life and spontaneity is the frosting…sometimes too much frosting just doesn’t taste good

I believe that sometimes wine really *is* the answer

I believe in wearing my Sunday best to church every time…if only so I can dress up

I believe in festive gold or red nail polish all winter

I believe in soup and crackers for lunch, even when I’m not sick

I believe that dessert is always necessary

I believe in snail mailing cards and letters


{What do you believe in?}

One thought on “I believe… {winter edition}

  1. Found your blog through HRG…I definitely agree that sometimes wine is the answer!! And as far as what else I believe in…the early bird catching the worm!

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