Spandex for the win

Ya’ll, I ran 4 miles today. This may not seem monumental, but it’s probably been about 4 months since I’ve logged more than 3 miles. Basically, I’ve been a sad excuse for a distance junkie. My legs are tired, but I feel so good. How could I have forgotten about the wonders of endorphin?! 

My workout went as such:

0.1 mile warm up at 3.8 mph and 3% incline

Then my favorite new song, Thrift Shop, came on so I bumped it up to 6.0 mph at a 3% incline for 0.4 miles. 

The rest of the workout is a little bit of a blur…I may have gotten a little too excited about how good I felt and bumped the speed up too much. Tomorrow is definitely going to be a non-running day…mostly because I will most likely be spending 8 hours moving, which will be a workout in and of itself. 

Sore arms, here I come. But moving means spandex and sneakers, so I’m really okay with that. 


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