March! Goals

It’s hard to believe that it’s already March. Didn’t the semester just start? Isn’t winter not even half way over? (Well maybe, because it’s snow raining again this morning…so who knows…). 

I’ve got my espresso and spandex ready for the day. Espresso because I’m at school and hour earlier than usual at that. On a Friday. Lame. And because I’m moving! I’m not usually the spandex wearer to school (mostly because I can wear scrubs, so comfy clothes aren’t that hard to come by) but also because it feels weird walking past my supervisors in skin tight stretchy pants. 

But really, it is glorious. I might have to start shopping at Spandex World



Anywaysssssss. Because it’s March and because I love lists, I have goals. That I will hopefully be able to cross of my list at the end of the month with a huge red pen and feel so, so satisfied. 

1. Drink at least 1 giant water bottle each day. I’m great about chugging coffee and tea like it’s my job. But water? Not so much. 

2. Run 6 miles. Seeing as I ran 4 yesterday, 6 seems feasible by the end of the month. 

3. Try 2 new Pinterest recipes. And talk about them. Even if they end up being on 

4. Try a bootcamp class. Because my puny arms need more than running to look buff. 

5. And finally…find a better way to relax at night. Looking at Pinterest and Facebook on my iPhone does not lead to the best night’s sleep ever…

Do you have any March goals? 

Do you wear spandex to school/work? 

Do you have any tips to make moving quicker and easier? 

You’d THINK that after never spending more than 1 year in the same apartment, I’d have the routine down. But I haven’t even packed yet…

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