Tuesday Morning Confessional

It’s a rainy, damp, and very unmotivated Tuesday morning here at the futuredocgirl household. The boy and I spent every waking hour from Friday – Sunday moving our lives into a brand spanking new apartment, which is absolutely lovely and cozy and perfect. 

But I’m exhausted. It’s like we didn’t have a weekend at all. 

Which has been a big no no for me in grad school. When I don’t get “breaks”, I get cranky. 


Which brings me to today’s morning confessional…

1. So I called out of work today. I’m not actually sick, so I feel like I’m tempting the fates. But with a school to-do list a mile long and very literal exhaustion, I felt like a mental health day was more than in order. 

2. It was also because my running has been slacking and I really, really want to run. 

3. I have the exact same morning routine every single weekday. I roll out of bed 5-10 minutes after my alarm, put on cozy socks and my robe, turn on every single light in the living room/kitchen, make a GIGANTIC mug of hot tea and some sort of Greek yogurt concoction (my new favorite: Sunflower seed butter  from Trader Joe’s. Holy yum sauce, batman), and then either make my lunch/dinner for the day or lounge aimlessly on the couch until it’s time to get ready. 

4. I love the rain, until it’s time to go out in it. Then I hate the rain. 

5. Not so much a confession but: I ran 3.15 miles yesterday. Even though I was exhausted and didn’t get home until 7:30 pm. Win. Signing up for a gym was quite possibly the best decision I’ve made in the past month. 

Do you have a morning routine?

What’s your confession?! 

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Confessional

  1. Way to get a run in even when you got home so late!!

    I really, really am not a fan of the rain when I have to be out in it. grrr

    Love your blog!! My brother (and dad) are doctors. It takes a different kind of work ethic for that career as far as I can see. Pretty amazing!! Definitely looking forward to reading much more from you!!

  2. I used to take mental health days allllll the time. I think it’s a necessity! I save my days now because with maternity leave (which I will hopefully be on in another year), I need my days banked so I’ll still get paid! I hate those weekends that are all work…I’m with you on needing the break!

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