Thoughts for a Thursday

It’s quite possible that deciding to wear spandex to school on Friday was a bad idea.

I didn’t change out of spandex all of last weekend. Except to put on my pajamas. Getting all dressy again tomorrow for clinicals has been rough times a million.

I’m going to blame my slightly bumpy week on that. Because the alternative is just me not being ready for the week and I’m, uh, not ready to admit that.

But basically, this week has been really mean to me. It’s been full of name calling and hair pulling and I am just *over it* y’all. I didn’t run last night like I had originally planned for/put in my schedule (yes, I make myself a daily schedule…) because all I could bear to do was take a shower, eat dinner in my pajamas, and be a complete potato. I’m grasping for straws as far as good things to think about:

Tomorrow is Friday! 

And today, I have no crazy early patients, which means lounging on the couch in my pajamas for a few minutes longer.

This means I can also bring tea to school and study! Instead of having to run around prepping for said patient at the crack of dawn.

And I can be lazy-ish tonight because I have no big t0-dos on my list.

And I can run as long or as short as I’d like tonight and eat whatever I want for dinner since the Boy will be at school later than usual. 


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