Perfect Saturday

This morning I woke up feeling extremely frustrated about how stagnant I’ve been feeling this semester. I felt the same way at about this same point in the semester during the fall and eventually worked myself up into such a tizzy I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

So I’m being proactive this time.

By making a promise to be nerdy and listen to online lectures while I’m running at the gym to expand my brain cells a little more

By enjoying a sunny outdoors run even though I feel obligated to the gym that I pay for monthly

By saying “no” to a social obligation because I really just want to get cozy on the couch and watch Sex and the City

By eating trail mix because I am legit hungry and not obsessing over calories

By staring at pictures of myself in my wedding dress and getting mega excited. Only 5 more months, y’all!

By eating breakfast and lunch at the kitchen table instead of hunched over on the couch with study guides

By hanging up pictures in our (holy cow, that still feels weird) apartment and making it feel all cozy and wonderful

By planning a super, awesome-sauce “just for me” day for this coming Friday

How do you get yourself out of a funk? 

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