11 things

Last night, I discovered a super awesome new blog, a.k.a Olive to Run (http://olivetorun.com/)…I’m failing at technology this morning so don’t judge my lack of an awesome link. She posed some interesting questions and I got in the whole “get to know me” mode. So here are my answers to her questions:

1. What does your ideal cup of FROYO look like?

Cheesecake, cake batter, and peanut butter fro yo + lots of graham crackers, granola, fruit, and whipped cream. So much yum.

2. What do you miss the most about the time period you grew up in?
Definitely getting to wear leggings and oversize sweatshirts everywhere. Those were the days.
3. What is your most embarrassing habit?
Hmm…that’s a hard one. Probably that I play with my hair when I get nervous. Not professional when talking with a patient! 
4. What is the worst food you have ever tried?
Some people LOVE them, but I just cannot do Odwalla Super Food smoothies. Blech. 
5. If you could be a super hero (that YOU make up) what would your name be and what would your super power be?
My super power would definitely be never getting tired. I’d hope to be called The Energizer 
6. What meal could you eat every day?
Anything breakfast. But I could probably eat pizza every single night and be satisfied
7. Who was your favorite teacher? What grade was it and why do they stand out to you?
10th grade. My history teacher was so unbelievably smart and independent and always had the best assortment of tea.
8. If you were able to do anything (fitness related) what would it be?
Run a marathon. Excuses, excuses but I just do not have energy for 18 mile runs. School has been taking it out of me lately.
9. If you could write a letter to your daughter what three things would you want her to know?
Be confident, love yourself no matter what anyone says, and find one girl-friend who will be your confidant forever
10. Who is your favorite blogger and why?
Hungry Runner Girl because she has the most adorable baby and a wonderful husband and totes awesome running skills! 
11. What is your favorite app?
I downloaded Fitocracy and it’s kind of like a video game for workouts. Every time you log a workout you get points and eventually you level up. Addicting. 
What would your answers be?! 

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