Plunged into darkness

This morning was the very first time that I walked through our new apartment and it was pitch black. I couldn’t see a thing! Which was disconcerting. Thank goodness for iPhones and their flashlight apps. Otherwise it’s possible I’d still trying to be walk down the hallway in the dark, fumbling for a light switch!

Daylight Savings Time (the bad, lose an hour of sleep one) always throws me for a little loop but I feel like I’m adjusting a tiny bit better this year compared to past years. Or maybe I’m just used to waking up and getting ready and going to school in the dark.

light bulb


That light bulb is a lot happier than I look most mornings.

Anywho, I *finally* created a training plan for my half marathon. I’m currently trying to tweak it and perfect it because yesterday was supposed to be my first run but it turned into a cross-training day when I couldn’t get to the gym until the busiest evening time and there were no treadmills available.

So I hopped on the stationary bike for 30 minutes and cranked up the resistance. By the end, I was literally sweating through my t-shirt. Y’all, that is the definition of a good workout. The stationary bike that my gym has (yes, only one…it’s sad) has *the* most uncomfortable seat ever and I spend more time focusing on my poor backside than the pain I’m feeling in my legs, so that’s a plus…

cat on bike

I’ve been trying to find some good non-school-rec-center spinning classes in my city but that’s been a bit more difficult than I anticipated. I just miss it so much! There are other gyms in town that offer spinning but since my gym is about half the cost of the others, I have a hard time justifying the switch…especially since my gym is a perfect 5 to 7 minute drive from the apartment, which is about all I’m willing to do after a long, long day.

Would you switch gyms for classes?

What’s your favorite class at your gym (or workout, if you’re not a member of one!) 


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